Hill Follows Thomas to EEOC

Hill enthusiastically followed Thomas To The EEOC after Alleged harassment

Despite her claims that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her when she worked for him at the Department of Education, Anita Hill followed Clarence Thomas to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) mere months after the alleged harassment occurred. According to Anna Jenkins, who worked for Thomas at the EEOC when Hill first arrived, Hill “appeared quite anxious” to get to the EEOC and continue working for Thomas:

Prior to Anita Hill joining the staff, she appeared quite anxious to work for the EEOC. In fact, she called Judge Thomas several times to inquire about the status of her appointment.

Watch Jenkins’s testimony here:

Lori Saxon, Thomas’s confidential assistant at the Department of Education, similarly testified that Hill was excited about going to work for Thomas at the EEOC:

Anita Hill was the only special assistant who accompanied Clarence Thomas to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, upon his appointment in August of 1982. Anita told me that she was very excited about the opportunity to work for the Chairman of the EEOC. She related to me that she was pleased that Clarence was taking her with him.

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Diane Holt, a colleague of Hill’s at the Department of Education and later the EEOC, testified at the hearings that she and Hill were both excited about moving with Thomas to the EEOC:

After about a year, Judge Thomas was nominated to be Chairman of the EEOC. He asked both Professor Hill and myself to transfer with him. Both Ms. Hill and I were excited about the prospect of transferring to the EEOC. We discussed the greater potential for individual growth at this larger agency. We discussed and expressed excitement that we would be at the right hand of the individual who would run this agency.

Watch Diane Holt’s testimony here: