Roll Call: At Stake in Anita Hill Movie: Joe Biden’s Legacy

It’s not surprising…that HBO would release a new dramatization titled, Confirmation, 25 years after the hearings…Controversy abounds, as usual (see HBO’s Game Change  — or any political biopic). Republicans are often the sole victims of political productions, but — according to insiders who have seen the film or early script versions — this one could also tarnish the legacy of at least one prominent Democrat, Vice President Joseph R. Biden.

In the trailer (so we can be reasonably sure they’re in the final film), Joe Biden (Greg Kinnear) is shown saying: “You got me bringing up a bunch of bogus dirt!” Meanwhile, Anita Hill (Kerry Washington) is presented saying: “They don’t care; they only want to win.”

Another HBO promotional video shows Biden worrying about his image: “I do not wanna go after this guy [Thomas] on a sex charge … this is exactly the kind of thing I hate. And what if she’s lying? Then you got me bringing up a bunch of bogus dirt, and I’m the bad guy in all this!”

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