Voltric 80 E-tune review

It can be very tricky to find a reliable, dependable, and easy-to-use racket that delivers all the qualities and features you are interested in. The Voltric 80 E-tune is one of those rackets that really push the boundaries when it comes to value and quality, and you will find it versatile and a pleasure to use. It’s versatile, it comes with a lot of great capabilities and plenty of strength too. The design is second to none, and you have access to amazing technologies that will make it one of the best rackets you can use at this time. 

Information about the Voltric 80 E-tune

This product was launched back in 2015, so it has been on the market for quite some time. It’s actually the second one that came with the E-tune technology. This tech is great because it helps you adjust the racket head weight with the use of plastic parts.

 At first, this type of innovation wasn’t exactly received that well by some of the players. However, it did take a bit of a getting used to, and now there are plenty of players focused on bringing in great value and quality. 

The advantage you get with this tech in the Voltric 80 E-tune is that you receive a better way to boost the racket weight and thus enhance the swing power. You also have a more powerful smash, which is always something to keep in mind here. The downside of this is that you must change the piece configuration via changing the racket strings. 

That makes things more difficult. While not impossible, it’s definitely a thorn in the side of every player that goes for a more customized approach. It’s still worth it, but you definitely have to do it properly and in an adequate manner. 

The unit goes for a red design approach, although there is some orange and black in there for a very good measure. It’s definitely a bold creative decision and one that stands out with its uniqueness, efficiency, and approach. It does a very good job with innovation, and it continues to push the boundaries and come up with a lot of unique systems all the time. 

Voltric 80 E-tune characteristics

The flex is very stiff here, which is a good thing for a lot of players. Another thing to note is that the frame is made out of HM graphite, tungsten, and nanometric. Its shaft is HM Graphite and nanopreme. The weight goes from 83 to 88g, which is rather normal for this type of product. The materials they used are very good, dependable and they convey a very good sense of value and quality, not to mention plenty of professionalism to the product in the first place.

Voltric 80 E-tune features

The Voltric 80 E-tune can be adapted to the weight. You can change the head weight and thus go for the right weight you like. Yes, this requires a bit of tuning, but once you actually get used to it, you will find the technology to be rather versatile and just a pleasure to use. It certainly helps get the job done more than you might imagine, and the experience itself is a super impressive one. 

Another interesting tech you can find here is the tri voltage system. You can generate more power with each smash, and you get faster speed for your swings. We like the fact that it’s head heavy and with a stiff shaft. That brings in much better beats, especially when it comes to something like smashing. 

You have a lot of power and you can adapt and implement it in a proper manner. If you have a weak forearm or pulse, then handling the Voltric 80 E-tune can be hard. You need plenty of power and a really good form if you want to tackle this correctly. That’s what will give you the right efficiency and support. 

Since the Voltric 80 E-tune is a Yonex product, it comes with an isometric form that a lot of people like. It gives you more control and power, and you don’t have to hit right in the middle. It definitely manages to deliver the exact type of approach you want as you play. 

And while it’s versatile, you do need plenty of power to master it and use this correctly.

We noticed that it gives you a very good clear and you can hit something like a shuttle from the backcourt without any issues. As we said earlier, you do need a bit more force put into this, but overall it does give you really good efficiency and support. 

How does it go for the drop shots?

The Voltric 80 E-tune is actually pretty good for drop shots. Thanks to the unique weight distribution and the fact that you can have a heavy head for the unit does allow the drop shots flow naturally. The aerodynamics can change based on how you customize the Voltric 80 E-tune, but for the most part, it works flawlessly and you will feel quite the difference more often than not. It still brings in a lot of force and the quality itself is impressive for what it is.

A similar thing can be said about smashes. You can easily get a very good smash level, and there’s no need to jump. It just gives you the versatility and power you need to control the match, which is always good. But that also means you must improve and master your technique. That’s where you will get the better results, and overall you will find that it improves the approach quite a lot, which is something to take into consideration the best way that you can.


We like how powerful the Voltric 80 E-tune can be when it comes to defense. It manages to give you a very solid, powerful defense without having to worry about any issues. If you compare this with some of the lighter head rackets out there, you will find it a bit heavier. But it’s the customizability where it all shines. And while that was controversial when the e-tune came out, now things are a lot better and it does work super nicely. 

The structure itself is very good, and the product line continues to impress with the efficiency.

It’s important to note that in singulars you don’t feel a major difference. Where it all comes down is in doubles. Rallies can be extremely fast-paced, so you do need a really good response time if you want to get the right drives and smashes. 

That’s why you must combine the Voltric 80 E-tune with some really fast reflexes. But if you have all of that, then it will deliver what you need and it will help quite a bit. That’s why you need plenty of training to go with it. But if you have practice, it works flawlessly.


As a whole, the Voltric 80 E-tune is a very good racket. This is very good for those that play in singles and tend to have a more offensive style. It’s also suitable for players that have a good amount of power with their swings. It can be a little behind some of the newer rackets and also a little more expensive. But with the right play style and budget, you will find that it works very well. Overall, it’s just a solid option for any player, and you will find that it delivers an amazing return on investment!