The truth about HBO’s Confirmation.

HBO’s new docudrama is a work of fiction.

Confirmation claims to tell the story of the 1991 Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. But with imaginary scenes, fictional characters and a biased agenda, the film has become an unfair distortion of the truth.


Fact Check

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  • Fiction.

Anita Hill told a consistent story regarding her harassment.

Hill’s statement that she submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee did not include any of the graphic allegations described in her testimony. Hill also gave few graphic details in her FBI interview. It was only after working with leading liberal lawyers opposed to Thomas that Hill added in the graphic allegations.

  • Fact or fiction?
  • Fiction.

Anita Hill immediately cooperated with the Senate when asked about Thomas.

When first contacted by Senate staffers, Anita Hill was evasive and did not provide information about Thomas’s alleged conduct. Then, when she made her allegations, she wanted complete anonymity. She refused repeatedly to be interviewed by the FBI. She eventually relented, but then lied about the FBI interview in later testimony.

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  • Fiction.

Other women claimed they were sexually harassed by Clarence Thomas.

Anita Hill is the only person ever to testify under oath that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her. Angela Wright – who had serious credibility issues and ultimately declined to testify – stated that Thomas did not sexually harass her. Sukari Hardnett stated that Thomas did not harass her.

  • Fact or fiction?
  • Fiction.

Clarence Thomas used his senior position to harass women who worked for him.

Actually: Many of Thomas’ female employees, some of whom had been victims of sexual harassment themselves in other jobs, testified to his “scrupulous” treatment of women and extraordinary sensitivity. Not one co-worker of Hill testified in support of her allegations. 

  • Fact or fiction?

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Production Bias

These are the people who want you to buy their version of history. Don’t take their word for it.


Michael London, Producer

  • Donated at least $2,500 to Democrats
  • Produced biopic of Hollywood communist Dalton Trumbo
  • Likes his movies to say “F*** you”: “I think Trumbo has the potential…to reach an audience that wants to see Bryan Cranston [playing Trumbo] say ‘f*** you’ to the political establishment…There’s a lot of that going on right now.”

Wendell Pierce, Star (Clarence Thomas)

  • Donated at least $78,000 to Democrats
  • Top Obama fundraiser in 2012, “bundled” over $500,000 in contributions
  • Attended the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions

Susannah Grant, Producer & Writer


Kerry Washington, Producer & Star (Anita Hill)

  • Donated at least $1,000 to Democrats
  • Active Obama supporter: “I am excited about campaigning for Obama again. I am definitely in his camp.”
  • Told the 2012 Democratic National Convention: “You may not be thinking about politics, but politics is thinking about you…The other side wants to take away our voice and render us invisible.”

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Tell your friends, family, and coworkers what they won’t see on HBO.