Writing Inspiration: Ten Best Ways to Gain It Fast

You love writing but just as you face your keyboard, you lose the inspiration to write. You are not alone in this situation. Millions of now-renowned writers have gone through this phase and overcame. Right now, you might not see how but when we are done, you will be attacking that keyboard at a fierce pace.

There are lots of ways to get inspiration for writing. You might have tried some with little or no success but we can assure you that these methods will get over your writing block. We have detailed the 10 best ways to get writing inspiration.

10 Best ways to get writing inspiration

You can use any of these methods when seeking inspiration for writing a college essay or anything else. It would also work if you need inspiration for writing a book. Whatever you need writer inspiration for, you can get it by trying any of these methods:

  • Try a new style

    If you find yourself stuck trying to write in a particular style you are used to, you can get out of the blog by trying to write in a completely new style. It might be a switch within the same genre or you can go completely out of the genre. You can change from writing a horror play to a romance or even write a poem instead. You will find creative writing inspiration by the time you return to your writing.

  • Meditate for a few minutes

    Meditation helps relax your mind and body. It also helps you open up your mind to new ideas. You can meditate for a few minutes to help clear your mind. Anxiety and worry might be some of the factors beclouding your thinking and causing the block.

  • Set a deadline

    Setting a daily deadline has a way of putting a little pressure on you that can push you to write even when it seems that there is little writing inspiration. You will also be able to measure if you meet your target daily. Make sure you set a realistic target though or you might get frustrated instead of getting anything done.

  • View and detail a piece of art

    You can go to a museum or an art gallery and look at some inspiring art pieces. If a museum or gallery is too far or too expensive, you can look through art blogs and online databases to find pictures to inspire writing. There are numerous writing inspiration pictures to be found online. You can do a simple writing exercise after detailing the art piece that attracts you the most.

  • Watch a great movie

    You can watch a movie for inspiration. There are a lot of movies with great scripts which can help you to do your writing. You can get good ideas from the dialogue, scenery, and characters.

  • Read a good book

    Reading a good book can help you with your writing. You can pick up your favorite book or even a completely new book by an author you have not read before. You can glean inspiration from the way the author writes or even the characters. A magazine can even do the trick. From just the article titles, you can get the writing juices running again.

  • Browse some inspiring quotes

    You can simply type in quotes on how to find inspiration for writing and get a large number of quotes that will just get you off your feet. There are a lot of writing inspiration quotes that will push you to finish writing that book or blog.

  • Play some music

    Music is a soothing balm to the soul. Playing your favorite song whether it is rap or classical can get you into a good mood and good moods are always good for writing. The use of music for writing inspiration is not a new idea. Even without a block, you can enjoy typing while jamming to some good music.

  • Attempt some writing prompts

    If you are stuck on ideas on what to write, you can try some writing prompts with creative ideas. The writing inspiration prompts will save you from the stress of thinking about what to write on or even spending a lot of time thinking on a storyline. Before you know it, your mind has started creating new ideas that you can use.

  • Watch real-life people

    Fiction imitates real life. You can watch real-life people and get inspiration from their activities and speech. People watching can jolt you into writing and help you to gain new insights into a write up that is getting stalled.

With these methods, you know how to find inspiration to write books and blogs. You can use these ways to get song writing inspiration and inspiration for writing poems.

Quotes for inspiration

There are a lot of inspiration writing quotes for writers to get their muse from. Gain the motivation and strength to write from these quotes.

  • If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter. Dan Poynter.

    Stop waiting to get a muse, start writing and all will fall in place. A real writer motivates him/herself and doesn’t wait to be motivated by external factors. Start writing that book, blog article or song now.

  • Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.Holley Gerth.

    It might be a little scary at all but the rewards will be worth it. Summon the courage and enjoy the roller coaster ride if writing a good book.

  • Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.J. K. Rowling.

    Whatever you have your characters doing, whatever emotions you stir in your readers, you are weaving incredible magic. Breathing life to things that never before existed. Take pride in that magic and get to creating.

  • You fail only if you stop writing.Ray Bradbury.

    You are only a failure if you stop. Don’t stop, continue writing no matter what. Before you know it, you will have that book, article or song altogether.

Writing can be very smooth with the right things to motivate you. Maybe you’re just tired and need professional writing help. By using any or all of these inspiration methods, you can have a smooth writing journey. Enjoy the magic of writing anything anywhere.