Yonex Astrox 88D

If you want to play badminton properly, then you need to have the right equipment. The Yonex Astrox 88d is one of the best and latest rackets that were created from the ground up to deliver a lot of efficiencies, quality, and great value for money. The commitment here is to quality and professionalism, and you will find that it works incredibly well. Another thing to keep in mind is the true focus on value and professionalism. But is the Yonex Astrox 88d a great investment for a serious, professional player? Let’s find out!


The Yonex Astrox 88d has around 83-88 grams. It has a G4 and G5 grip and the balance that it provides is head heavy. The idea behind this unit is to fully offer you a way to convey your power and push it to the next level in a very powerful and rewarding manner. The main focus is on quality and dependability. 

Unique features for the Yonex Astrox 88d

What we like about the Yonex Astrox 88d is that it stands out with a powerful rotational generator system. This tech is very good at weight distribution. What this does is it helps distribute weight between its elements in order to bring in front really good control and a lot of value. That means shots are efficient, simple, and very convenient.

It’s also isometric, with the square shape being designed to maintain the vertical strings at the same length. It will also make it easier for the horizontal strings to deliver a very good sweet spot. Lastly, the Yonex Astrox 88d has an HM Graphite + Namd shaft. This is a very good material that comes with a lot of flexibility and ease of use. You will swing the racket a lot faster, with more precision, and without having to feel a lot of force. 

Who is the Yonex Astrox 88d for?

The Yonex Astrox 88d is great for all players, but it’s specifically for those that have a high skill level, which needs dexterity, plenty of accuracies, and which are focused on a skilled net game.

It’s very flexible and you can easily keep the shuttlecock longer in order to deliver more precision and better value every time. If you’re the type of player focused on dominating the backcourt and which expects a lot of attacks from the opponent, then this is definitely the right tool for you to use. 

Since it’s a dominating racket, this is widely used by a lot of players that tend to dominate the backcourt and it does bring in front a vast array of different solutions. Many world-class players are using this with amazing results, and it continues to stand out as one of the best rackets in the game. So it’s indeed very efficient, it gets the job done, and the value you receive here is pretty much amazing in its own right. 

What settings should you go for?

Based on our experience with the Yonex Astrox 88d, it’s a very good idea to try and go for around 24 to 26 lbs of string tension. This will increase the repulsion and give you some more power. If you are an advanced player, you can go for 26 to 29 lbs, as that delivers even more repulsion. That’s the approach you want to go for, and it will certainly be worth your time and effort if you choose to do it right. 

Of course, every player likes a specific string tension, so if you have another set that really works for you, then you should totally go for that one. In the end, it all comes down to making sure that you adapt to your own requirements. There’s a very in depth guide on this topic that you can read here.

Professionals go for a 30 lbs tension in order to deliver better smashes and drives. So yes, you do want a high-string racket here in order for all of this to work exactly as expected. It does take a bit of a trial and error, but in the end, it will be totally worth it, and that’s the approach that you want to go for in a situation like this. 

Hitting performance

When it comes to hitting performance, the Yonex Astrox 88d racket is a proper option for anyone that wants improved game control. As we said earlier, if you are the type of person playing in the backcourt and who likes using the best tech in the market on a racket, then this is definitely a good idea. These rackets are known for being stronger when compared to the Voltric series.

For smashes, you have a 10 mm longer frame, and it’s heavier when compared to older models. It’s definitely good for smashes and drives, and it helps you break the opponent’s defense. In regards to the drop shots, it’s a bit harder to do because of the longer frame. 

It’s still delivering great control since it’s robust, and that can be of very good quality. That’s where you get the utmost efficiency and the value itself can be an extremely good one if you manage everything properly.

Obviously, the defense is where the Yonex Astrox 88d shines. You can use it with confidence in a defensive position and it will surely help you get a fast counterattack without any problems. 

You do need to optimize the grip settings and use the right strings, but this can be really good and it will surely offer you a lot of advantages as you play. You do need to customize it for the best defense solutions, but it will surely offer you plenty of amazing results and an incredible set of benefits if you use it adequately.

Regarding the net area, this is where you will have challenges. It requires a lot of back and forth to do proper optimization. And while it will be ok to most people, the optimal approach at least for us was to place the shuttlecock in the area near to the net of the opponent. We noticed that in the net area it can be harder to maneuver since it’s on the heavier side.

It’s also important to keep in mind the find that this racket has a very good way of lowering the air resistance. It delivers a very good feel still, and you will find it suitable for improving the way you play especially in the defense. But it’s still good in the offense, just avoid staying right in front of the net. You do want to go a bit further for a more strategic come back and attack. It will take a bit of getting used to, but it will get there.


Should you buy the Yonex Astrox 88d? If you want a good racket that’s convenient, rather heavy but also maneuverable, and more suitable for defense, this is the right one for you. It definitely brings in front a lot of features for the money, and we find it to be extremely easy to use and adaptable to your own needs. Yes, it might not be the most suitable option for beginners, but it delivers a lot of versatility for the more experienced players.

Simply put, if you want a sharp and stronger smash, great control, and a powerful drop shop, this can be really good for you. Just remember that it’s better for players with more experience, and it requires more adaption for the net area playing. Once you keep that in mind, you will find the Yonex Astrox 88d to deliver plenty of quality and value for the money! 

List Of Some Premium Badminton Rackets In India

It is not an easy job to select a badminton racket for a person who wishes to buy one for starting badminton practice or for upgrading the existing racket. 

Getting a new racket is often considered a blessing by many beginners in this field as it increases their confidence and maximizes the performance of the person who gets it. 

If you are a person who has had some experience in playing badminton, you will know the importance of choosing the best racket for you. There are many important things which have to be taken care of when buying a new racket or upgrading the existing one. Your responsibility or interest in the racket should not end once you get it.  

It becomes the duty of the person who gets the racket to take care of it in a proper manner. This is very important for keeping the racket in the same condition for a long time.

If you are planning to buy a new racket or your first racket, there are some important things which you must keep in mind and act accordingly. For doubles game play, there is an informative article which covers a extensive list of finest rackets for badminton doubles.

Some important factors which make a badminton racket the best one are the head shape of the racket, the weight of the racket, the balance point of the racket, etc. When you buy a new racket, make sure that you are aware of the importance of the factors mentioned above and you have checked the applicability of the above factors before finalizing the decision on the selection of the racket. 

Often badminton players prefer to select that badminton racket that complements their style of playing. There are three different styles of badminton playing. They are defensive style, aggressive style, and deceptive style. 

While buying a racket, you must keep your playing style in your mind. It is a very important matter to make sure that the badminton racket you are going to buy compliments your style of playing.

What are the types of badminton rackets available in India?

There are different varieties of badminton rackets suitable for different types of players. Almost all of these different varieties are available in India through traditional shops or online shops. 

Different sections of rackets: For new players who have just started playing badminton there are special rackets which can be useful for them for improving their performance level. On the other hand, professional and experienced players require specialized rackets that will not make any sound while they hit or smash. Both the above types of badminton rackets and many other types are also available in India. Let us explore a little more.

Badminton rackets for beginners: Every brand takes extra effort for producing rackets that are suitable for beginners. The beginner’s badminton rackets are usually made of graphite as it has to be lightweight so that it can be easily handled by the beginners. The grip and the frame of the racket will be helpful and useful in improving the performance and in making the first games easy to play.

Badminton rackets for the professionals and experts: It is natural that when professionals play or experts in this field care testing their caliber there can be fierce fighting which will be filled with smashes swings etc. Most professionals like their rackets not to make a sound during an aggressive or offensive game. 

Such players normally wish to buy good rackets which will give them soundless hits. They also like their rackets to be supportive in their effort to improve or polish their shorts.

1. Li-Ning 3D caliber 200 racket

Important features:

● Frame: Carbon fiber

● Weight: 80-84 grams

● Dynamic: Optimum Frame

● Aerotec-beam-system

● Shaft: Stabilized elastic shaft

This racket will be suitable for players who are interested in attacking and for intermediate and advanced players. The weight of this racket is 80-84 grams and this weight is an ideal weight for a badminton racket. The dynamic optimum frame allows you to generate enough power needed to produce powerful shots. The lightweight and durability of the racket are produced as a result of the carbon used to make the frame. 

2. Victor Jetspeed S 2SP

Important features:

● Frame: Nano-Resin + High Modulus Graphite

● Weight: 85-89 grams

● String tension: 28 lbs

● Grip Size: G5

It is considered one of the greatest badminton rackets included in this list. The isometric head helps you to send powerful shots even if the shuttlecock does not hit the center of the racket. This badminton racket helps the advanced players to generate speedy shots. It lets the player have complete control over the racket as it is a lightheaded racket. 

3. Li-Ning Turbocharging 9 II TF Edition 2019

● Frame: Commercial grade carbon-fiber

● Weight: 8 grams

● Balance Point: 295mm

● Grip Size: S1

● Playing Style: Offensive

This is the perfect badminton racket for professionals who love to smash and play offensive shots. The 295 mm balance point helps in generating powerful shots with maximum power. The lightweight and durability of this racket are because of the commercial-grade carbon used in making the racket. The weight of this racket is 86 grams and this is considered the ideal weight for badminton rackets. The grip size of this racket is 1. It is recommended to try different grip sizes and settle for 1 only if you find it comfortable for you.

4. Victor Hypernano X 990 Badminton Racket

Important features:

● Strung Type: Strung

● Weight: 82 grams

● Grip Size: G5 7.62 cm

● Head Shape: Isometric 

● Beam Width: 10 mm

This racket with its isometric head shape is the right racket for intermediate players. The isometric head is useful in producing powerful shots. The isometric head also helps to enlarge the sweet spot. The sweet spot is that area on the string bed from where most of the power shots are generated. With an enlarged sweet spot the player will be at liberty to hit power shots even if the shuttlecock is not hitting at the center. This badminton racket weighs 82 grams which increases the racket quality.

5. Carlton Zero 007i Racket

Important features:

● Strung Type : Strung

● Weight : 85 grams + / – 2 grams

● Flex : Medium

● Max Tension : 30 lbs 

● Length : 675 mm

● Includes bag cover

This badminton racket is the perfect one for advanced players. The isometric head of this racket makes it perfect for hitting powerful shots. The isometric head shape helps maximize the sweet spot, the area on the string bed, where the powerful shots take birth. With the maximum string tension of 30 lbs this racket will be able to provide the great power needed for fierce shots.

6. Yonex Arcsaber 7 Unstrung racket

Important features:

● Strung Type: Unstrung

● Weight : 3 U 85-92 grams

● Max Tension : 24 lbs 

● Material: Graphite

● Bears bag cover

● Balance: Even Balance

For players who like to have more control over their rackets, this racket will be the best fit for them. If you like the shuttlecock to stay on the racket, then also this will be the perfect racket for you. The isometric head shape of the racket allows the delivery of perfect shots with high precision. Even balance rackets are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. The medium flexibility helps in generating power and gives good control over the shot and the racket.

7. Li-Ning Windstorm 7 Superlight professional racket

Important features:

● Strung Type: Un-Strung

● Weight: 75 grams 

● Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm

● Head Shape: Isometric

● Beam Width: 20 mm

This racket is suitable for intermediate and advanced players and a good choice for those who want to deliver powerful shots. The racket is light in weight as it weighs only 76 grams. This racket is very good to have perfect control over it and shooting precise shots without losing any power. 

8. Carlton 4.3 Kinesis white unstrung racket

Important features:

● Weight : 86 grams + / – 2 grams

● Max Tension : 30 lbs 

● Length : 676 mm

● Flex : Medium

● Max Tension: 30 lbs

As it offers high string tension of 30 lbs, it is a good racket for advanced players. Tension like this will be manageable only by advanced players and professionals. The medium flex of this racket is useful in generating power. The high tension string will be useful in giving speed and good control over the racket. It also helps in playing net shots and precise drops. It is perfect for all-rounder players because of its even balance.

9. Victor Thruster K 55 G4 Power

Important features:

● Shaft : High Modulus Graphite plus Nano Resin plus 7.0 Shaft 

● Frame : High Modulus Graphite plus Nano Resin

● String Tension : 4 U – 24 lbs; 3U – 26 lbs 

● Weight : 4U(80-84.9gm) ; 3U(85-89.9gm) 

● Grip Size : G5

This badminton racket is very versatile as it is available in two weight categories. Its grip size is G5. It has an isometric head which is useful in hitting powerful shots. The isometric head also increases the sweet spot that helps you to drive powerful shots. The weight of this racket is optimized for intermediate and advanced players. It is a head-heavy racket optimized for intermediate and advanced players. This head-heavy racket is suitable for offensive gameplay.

10. Carlton Powerblade F 10 Racket.

Important features:

● String Tension : 22 lbs 

● Frame : 24T Hot melt HM Graphite

● Weight : 4U(80-84.9gm)  

● Grip Size : G

● Flexibility : Medium

The isometric head helps in providing an enlarged sweet spot. The sweet spot of a racket is that area on the racket that helps you to make powerful shots compared to the remaining portion of the string bed. The medium flex is good for generating power.

How to properly take care of your badminton racket?

It is very important to give special care and attention to your badminton racket without considering the amount spent on purchasing it. It does not require much effort to take care of your racket. But one needs to be cautious about certain important matters. Usually, beginners are using inexpensive rackets while advanced players will be using expensive rackets. No matter how much it costs, the habit of taking care of the racket is an important thing that counts. Keeping your racket safe will help it to live longer. It will also instill a sense of responsibility which will be continued throughout your life. 

It is worth mentioning the famous saying of Confucius: “He who works perfectly will first sharpen his tool”. A person who wants to become a good badminton player will have to learn how to take care of his racket, the most important tool needed to play badminton. Some important matters about which one will have to be more cautious for taking care of his racket are furnished below.

  1. Keep it covered in a bag: Always keep the racket secured in a bag. Keeping your racket in the backpack along with other equipment like a shuttlecock, clothes, shoes, etc. can be harmful to the racket. If you keep your racket in a damp area where the racket will never remain dry can harm your racket. Try to keep your racket in a bag which is specifically designed to keep badminton rackets. It will be better if you can buy a bag specially designed for this purpose and keep your racket inside it safely. If you need extra care, you can go for a bag that has a thermal lining intended to protect the frame and the strings from damages that can be caused due to high temperature.
  2. Caring for the strings: it is not possible to expect an excellent performance from a player when the strings of his racket are not in top condition. So it is essential to give care and protection to the strings of your racket. It is essential to carry out restringing whenever necessary and keep its tension in the badminton standard. Even if only one string is broken, it is advisable not to continue playing with that racket. It is better to cut the remaining strings from the center. Breaking of one string redistributes the string tension unevenly resulting in the deformation of the racket. Cutting of the strings suggested above is to avoid this deformation. People who live in tropical regions also have to take special care as it will be very hot there. 
  3. The grip is important: People often do not give much importance to the grip of their rackets. You should buy a racket with a grip that is comfortable and sufficient for your use. If the grip of your bat is not sufficient for you, then you should immediately buy a new grip and replace the existing one. Many options with different sizes as well as different textures are available in the market. It is advisable to try different grips and go for the one which is most comfortable for the player. 

It is necessary for a person living in a humid climate or for a person who sweats a lot to frequently change the grip. If you do not change the grip periodically, there are chances for germs to get accumulated and cause problems. If the handle remains damp for a considerably long time, the wood will get affected by that. 

So for taking care of the handle of a racket, you need to keep on changing the grip regularly. Even if your palms do not sweat, it is recommended to change your grips at least once in a week. It will also depend on one’s frequency of playing and his intensity of playing.

Conclusion: The most excellent racket that has been listed here is Li-Ning 3D Caliber 200. This racket is especially good for intermediate-level and advanced-level players who like to play controlled games. 

If you are in search of a good badminton racket under 8000, there is no doubt that this will be the best one. The remaining ones are only alternatives. It is important to remember the fact that the cost of the racket is not going to improve your playing methods or techniques. If you work hard, you can become a good player. No other alternatives.

Voltric 80 E-tune review

It can be very tricky to find a reliable, dependable, and easy-to-use racket that delivers all the qualities and features you are interested in. The Voltric 80 E-tune is one of those rackets that really push the boundaries when it comes to value and quality, and you will find it versatile and a pleasure to use. It’s versatile, it comes with a lot of great capabilities and plenty of strength too. The design is second to none, and you have access to amazing technologies that will make it one of the best rackets you can use at this time. 

Information about the Voltric 80 E-tune

This product was launched back in 2015, so it has been on the market for quite some time. It’s actually the second one that came with the E-tune technology. This tech is great because it helps you adjust the racket head weight with the use of plastic parts.

 At first, this type of innovation wasn’t exactly received that well by some of the players. However, it did take a bit of a getting used to, and now there are plenty of players focused on bringing in great value and quality. 

The advantage you get with this tech in the Voltric 80 E-tune is that you receive a better way to boost the racket weight and thus enhance the swing power. You also have a more powerful smash, which is always something to keep in mind here. The downside of this is that you must change the piece configuration via changing the racket strings. 

That makes things more difficult. While not impossible, it’s definitely a thorn in the side of every player that goes for a more customized approach. It’s still worth it, but you definitely have to do it properly and in an adequate manner. 

The unit goes for a red design approach, although there is some orange and black in there for a very good measure. It’s definitely a bold creative decision and one that stands out with its uniqueness, efficiency, and approach. It does a very good job with innovation, and it continues to push the boundaries and come up with a lot of unique systems all the time. 

Voltric 80 E-tune characteristics

The flex is very stiff here, which is a good thing for a lot of players. Another thing to note is that the frame is made out of HM graphite, tungsten, and nanometric. Its shaft is HM Graphite and nanopreme. The weight goes from 83 to 88g, which is rather normal for this type of product. The materials they used are very good, dependable and they convey a very good sense of value and quality, not to mention plenty of professionalism to the product in the first place.

Voltric 80 E-tune features

The Voltric 80 E-tune can be adapted to the weight. You can change the head weight and thus go for the right weight you like. Yes, this requires a bit of tuning, but once you actually get used to it, you will find the technology to be rather versatile and just a pleasure to use. It certainly helps get the job done more than you might imagine, and the experience itself is a super impressive one. 

Another interesting tech you can find here is the tri voltage system. You can generate more power with each smash, and you get faster speed for your swings. We like the fact that it’s head heavy and with a stiff shaft. That brings in much better beats, especially when it comes to something like smashing. 

You have a lot of power and you can adapt and implement it in a proper manner. If you have a weak forearm or pulse, then handling the Voltric 80 E-tune can be hard. You need plenty of power and a really good form if you want to tackle this correctly. That’s what will give you the right efficiency and support. 

Since the Voltric 80 E-tune is a Yonex product, it comes with an isometric form that a lot of people like. It gives you more control and power, and you don’t have to hit right in the middle. It definitely manages to deliver the exact type of approach you want as you play. 

And while it’s versatile, you do need plenty of power to master it and use this correctly.

We noticed that it gives you a very good clear and you can hit something like a shuttle from the backcourt without any issues. As we said earlier, you do need a bit more force put into this, but overall it does give you really good efficiency and support. 

How does it go for the drop shots?

The Voltric 80 E-tune is actually pretty good for drop shots. Thanks to the unique weight distribution and the fact that you can have a heavy head for the unit does allow the drop shots flow naturally. The aerodynamics can change based on how you customize the Voltric 80 E-tune, but for the most part, it works flawlessly and you will feel quite the difference more often than not. It still brings in a lot of force and the quality itself is impressive for what it is.

A similar thing can be said about smashes. You can easily get a very good smash level, and there’s no need to jump. It just gives you the versatility and power you need to control the match, which is always good. But that also means you must improve and master your technique. That’s where you will get the better results, and overall you will find that it improves the approach quite a lot, which is something to take into consideration the best way that you can.


We like how powerful the Voltric 80 E-tune can be when it comes to defense. It manages to give you a very solid, powerful defense without having to worry about any issues. If you compare this with some of the lighter head rackets out there, you will find it a bit heavier. But it’s the customizability where it all shines. And while that was controversial when the e-tune came out, now things are a lot better and it does work super nicely. 

The structure itself is very good, and the product line continues to impress with the efficiency.

It’s important to note that in singulars you don’t feel a major difference. Where it all comes down is in doubles. Rallies can be extremely fast-paced, so you do need a really good response time if you want to get the right drives and smashes. 

That’s why you must combine the Voltric 80 E-tune with some really fast reflexes. But if you have all of that, then it will deliver what you need and it will help quite a bit. That’s why you need plenty of training to go with it. But if you have practice, it works flawlessly.


As a whole, the Voltric 80 E-tune is a very good racket. This is very good for those that play in singles and tend to have a more offensive style. It’s also suitable for players that have a good amount of power with their swings. It can be a little behind some of the newer rackets and also a little more expensive. But with the right play style and budget, you will find that it works very well. Overall, it’s just a solid option for any player, and you will find that it delivers an amazing return on investment!

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