Mediaite: In Its Efforts to Rewrite Political History, Here’s Other Scandals HBO Should Make Movies About

All of that said, am I saying don’t go ahead with a movie likeConfirmation, which was very sympathetic to Ms. Hill, who during those 1991 Supreme Court hearings claimed Thomas sexually harassed her in the workplace? Of course not. It was major news event and one that captured the attention of the nation for weeks. But for those too young to remember or for those who didn’t follow the events closely at the time, it’s almost impossible to walk away fromConfirmation without the impression Anita Hill (played by Kerry Washington, who was also a 2012 Democratic Convention speaker) was absolutely a victim… all while the movie conveniently buries this little nugget: By a 2-to-1 ratio, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll at the time, Americans believed Thomas over Hill.”

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