Gary Liman Phillips Interview

Complete Transcript of Gary Liman Phillips’ Interview with Judiciary Committee Staff – October 12, 1991. In her testimony, Anita Hill testified that she did not take the initiative to inform anyone about Thomas’ alleged harassment. This testimony is included in Confirmation. But Hill’s testimony is not accurate. Shortly after Thomas had been nominated, Hill called a friend, Gary Liman Phillips, who lived in Washington, D.C., and told him for the first time ever, that Thomas had harassed her at the EEOC. Hill had not spoken to Phillips in months, so why would she call him out of the blue to tell him this information about Thomas’ alleged conduct? It may have been that she intended to plant the story with Phillips for wider circulation in the D.C. legal and political circles in which he moved. In this interview with Judiciary Committee staff, Phillips states that he told three people about Hill’s allegations, but he does not reveal all of their names (see page 19). The identity of these mystery individuals is just one of the many unanswered questions about the origin of these charges against Justice Thomas.  What is clear is that Hill took the initiative to inform people about her allegations shortly after Thomas had been nominated.