Washington Times: HBO dredges up a high-tech lynching to help Democrats fight ‘war on women’

Not one single shred of evidence was produced indicating that the claims Ms. Hill leveled against Justice Thomas were part of some larger pattern of a sex predator. The only person who offered any whiff of corroboration wound up not testifying before the committee because Democrats doubted her credibility and Republicans wanted the vicious character assassination to be over.

If HBO were really interested in producing a groundbreaking drama that delves into the war on women against a political backdrop, they would produce a movie about the eight years Hillary Clinton occupied the White House as first lady.

The story would be about an accused serial rapist who uses the most powerful political position on the planet to lure prey into his White House lair, where he could harass, assault, defile and rape them with abandon. He also uses his most powerful perch to silence accusers. And in the background, abetting his predatory stalking and helping orchestrate the real war on so many women, would be the president’s wife with her evil cackle, laughing demonically at every injustice.

This HBO movie would be all the better because it could be entirely accurate and totally fair and would be 10 times more salacious and X-rated than anything the network has now.

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